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How long does it take for my order to ship?

Your product will be wrapped up and shipped on it's epic journey to you in 1 to 3 business days.

What shipping method do you use and when will I get it?

All domestic orders under 13oz ship via USPS First Class Mail, and if it is over 13oz it must ship USPS Priority Mail. All of our products ship from our studio in Orlando, FL, so shipping can vary depending on how close or far you are from us. Wholesale orders are generally shipped via UPS Ground.

What is your return and refund policy?

Customers must contact and negotiate all refunds, exchanges, and replacements for damaged or lost goods within 7 days of receiving them. 

Please Note: due to the handmade awesome-ness of the screen printing process, colors may vary slightly, and will not qualify a product for refund.

Do you accept international orders?

Only if you pay us in tacos. But yes, we absolutely accept international orders, which we ship via USPS.

Where and how are your products manufactured?

All of our products are screenprinted by hand in our printmaking studio here in Orlando. We use a local  company to score and bind our products. All made in the good ol’ US of A, baby!

Are your papers eco-friendly?

Yep! We buy 100 lb. Cougar brand paper through Domtar. All Cougar paper is FSC® Certified, SFI® Certified Sourcing and Rainforest Alliance Certified™, featuring 10% post consumer recycled content and certified fiber.  We also use recycled Kraft paper envelopes for all of our A2 and A6 size cards, and the cello sleeves we pack them in are biodegradable. For ink, we use Speedball water-based acrylic screen printing ink, which is ACMI certified AP-Non Toxic.

What does screenprinted mean? 

Screenprinting (also known as silk-screening) is a stencil-making process. A squeegee is used to pull ink over a screen, forcing it through the mesh onto the paper being printed. Screenprinting sits on top of the paper, resulting in incredibly rich, vibrant color. Here at LPG, our set up was built by us and is pulled by hand, every time.

Are all the cards blank inside?

All the cards are blank inside. We made the outside all handmade and special, so you could make the inside all handmade and special!

I'm interested in learning more about screen-printing, do you offer classes?

We do not currently offer screen printing classes (YET - we are thinking about it!), but we do offer screen printing internships throughout the year with occasional workshops. Email to get the low-down!

Can you customize one of your products for me?

Being a graphic design studio by day, we can help with any design you might throw our way! Unfortunately, due to the way we screenprint in bulk quantities, we are unable to customize one-off orders. Email and we'll get to talkin' about how we can help you.

Do you screenprint for others?

Due to our small printmaking division, we only have the resources to print for ourselves. We know some friends though!

Can I find your products locally?

Heck yeah! Check out a list of our retailers here to find one near you. Or visit our storefront at 1009 Virginia Drive | Orlando, FL 32803

I have a shop and I'd love to carry your product, do you offer wholesale?

Absolutely! Check out more information on becoming a Wholesale client.

Who can I email for more information on services you offer? 

Shoot us an email at for any other questions, comments, concerns, or whiskey recommendations you may have.